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Air Quality Alerts

Air Quality Response 2021-2022 School Year

SLUSD schools can stay open during most instances when smoke from wildfires is present in the East Bay. All classrooms are upgraded with heating and cooling systems that use MERV 13 filtration systems.

When necessary, students may have lunch, recess, and PE indoors, as they would during a rainy day.  COVID-19 safety protocols will continue to be followed in these instances, with students masked except when eating, and with students maximizing social distancing to the extent possible when masks are removed when eating and drinking.

Determination of AQI Levels

To determine local air quality, district staff monitor the following regional measurement systems:

When the air is particularly bad, district staff check these sites on the hour so as to be able to communicate accurate information to the sites. District staff also consult with surrounding districts and the Alameda County Office of Education to determine what steps to take to minimize the risk for students and staff.  


All staff and families will receive a notification about pending school closures due to high AQI levels on ParentSquare and staff emails. Closure information will be posted on all school websites and the district will post notifications on social media.


Air Quality Index (AQI) Resources