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Graduate Profile

The San Leandro Unified School District’s (SLUSD) Graduate Profile is a shared vision that identifies a set of student outcomes to define what all graduates should know and be able to do in order to be prepared for post-secondary education, career and civic participation.

As a community, the San Leandro Unified School District looks forward to preparing its students for college and career by supporting them and implementing the Graduate Profile which will demonstrate that they are Cultural and Ethical Leaders, Critical Thinkers, Communicators and Collaborators and have a Healthy Mind and Body.

  • On June 12, 2018 the School Board of Education took action to approve the Graduate Profile.
  • This process was conducted through a robust stakeholder process facilitated by Connect Ed and SLUSD.
  • It included a diverse work group comprised of parents, teachers, community members, Board members, principals, bargaining unit representatives (CSEA  SLTA)

Understanding the “why” behind a concept lies at the core of what it takes to be an effective critical thinker. With the cognitive tools to identify underlying factors that contribute to a problem, graduates will thrive in complex 21st-century work environments and collegiate classrooms. 

Educators in San Leandro Unified aim to inspire critical thinkers who:


SLUSD graduates will confront challenges and use them as opportunities to learn, reflect and grow.


SLUSD graduates will ask questions to better understand. They will collect, analyze and evaluate relevant information.


SLUSD graduates will identify problems and imagine new possibilities or solutions. They will adapt knowledge and skills to use in multiple settings.

Some of the key initiatives in our strategic plan that support critical thinking include:

  • Deliver comprehensive, standards-based TK-12 science and history-social science education through newly adopted board curriculum and the development of corresponding assessments and projects. 
  • Engage students in daily cross-curricular instruction using Project-Based Learning methods, arts integration, and social justice standards to address real-world, relevant issues and themes. 
  • Improve performance outcomes for students in mathematics to ensure that every student, including multilingual students, students with disabilities, and other historically marginalized student groups, have powerful, joyful learning experiences that foster positive mathematical identities.
  • Foster critical literacy in English Language Arts and across the content areas for all students by centering complex texts and systematic language development opportunities throughout the instructional day that intentionally develops our English Language Learners’ multilingual success.

Complex challenges require cohesive collaboration. Communication occurs across countless channels with diverse audiences. These core competencies comprise 21st-century work environments and collegiate classrooms.

San Leandro Unified develops communicators and collaborators who:


SLUSD graduates seek to understand multiple perspectives.


SLUSD graduates advocate, teach, inform, and clarify.


SLUSD graduates are flexible and able to work with diverse teams in complex settings to build consensus.

Key initiatives in our strategic plan include:

  • Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching
  • Responsive, engaging pedagogy with college and career-oriented applications
  • Personalized, real-world project-based learning

With 38 languages spoken in our schools, our students bring rich cultural connections. By harnessing these diverse assets, our students ground their actions in compassion and with a strong sense of history.

San Leandro Unified nurtures ethical & cultural leaders who:


SLUSD graduates value diversity. They are responsible for their behavior, actions, and choices.


SLUSD graduates act with compassion and empathy. They create inclusive, welcoming communities. They use cultural knowledge to engage in a diverse world and advocate for equity.

Some key initiatives in our strategic plan include:

  • Foster civic engagement and leadership through community partnerships, work-based learning, and implementation of the State Seal of Civic Engagement program and Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.
  • Develop and apply critical media and information literacies at school and in the community.
  • Cultivate career, college, and lifelong goal achievement by strengthening mentoring, academic counseling, career & college counseling, community partnerships, and local and national programming access.

Social and emotional resiliency is a requisite foundation for our students to harness their diverse strengths to fully enjoy and enrich their communities.

San Leandro Unified strengthens healthy minds and bodies who:


SLUSD graduates are confident in their intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being.

They build interpersonal skills and healthy relationships for life.

They are able to make informed daily choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

They are lifelong learners.

Some of the key initiatives in our strategic plan that support critical thinking include:

  • Develop self and social awareness for collaborative solutions to community issues that impact students’ day-to-day lives.
  • Implement an integrated teaching model that embeds social-emotional learning competencies across the content areas.
  • Utilize an assets-based multi-tiered intervention and post-intervention framework for ongoing student mental health and wellness, emphasizing anti-racist, trauma-informed care, healing-centered engagement, and restorative practices to reduce disparities in discipline and better respond to students’ needs.