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Preschool Assessment

Preschool Special Education Services: 3-5 years of age

Three to five year old children may be referred to SLUSD Preschool Intake to determine their eligibility for special education services. Once an assessment is completed, an Initial Individualized Education Program is developed.

For 3-5 year old children not enrolled in Kindergarten:

  1. Referrals by parents/guardians are taken by a designated preschool referral coordinator, who fills out a referral and verifies that the child lives within the SLUSD attendance area.
  2. The referral information is forwarded to a speech-language pathologist who conducts an observation of the child, parent interview, review of records, and screening. The speech-language pathologist provides referrals and assistance to the family in utilizing community resources.
    1. If the speech-language pathologist determines that a special education evaluation is necessary and speech or language is the only area of delay, the speech-language pathologist becomes the case manager.  The speech-language pathologist completes the evaluation, IEP process, and, if additional assessment is required, refers the child to a multi-disciplinary team.
    2. If the referral indicates a suspected disability other than a speech and language delay, the referral is sent directly to a multi-disciplinary team.  The school psychologist coordinates the development of the assessment plan with other team members, assigns the team members, and coordinates the IEP process.

Preschool Assessment Information

Julie Avilla – Program Specialist ☏ 510-618-4600 ext. 2188