San Leandro USD

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To ensure minimum interruption of the instructional program, SLUSD has established procedures that facilitate visits during regular school days. For classroom visitations, all visitors must make arrangements with the classroom teacher 24 hours in advance of the desired visitation or by prior arrangement with the classroom teachers. If a conference is desired, an appointment should be set with the teacher during non-instructional time.

Registration Procedures

All visitors must report to the school office upon entering a school site and receive authorization to visit elsewhere in the school site. This authorization is required even if the visitor has beenĀ invited to a classroom because the office must be able to account for everyone on campus in an emergency.

  1. All visitors must check-in at the school office.
  2. All visitors must sign in and sign out at the school office.
  3. All visitors must wear a school provided name tag while on school grounds.

For more information about board policies related to visitors, please click here.