The Peer Advocates Program at Bancroft Middle School is a leadership class in which students are trained in team building, communication, and interpersonal skills.  Countless hours of developing these skills have prepared them to take on the role of peer counselors, peer mediators, peer educators, and peer buddies.  Peer Advocates are resources on campus who are available each and every day to educate, support and provide guidance to their peers.  

If you would like to request the assistance of a Peer Advocate, you can talk to any student wearing a teal badge, sign up on a chromebook in the front office, or click on the link provided at the bottom this webpage.  Asking for help is not always easy and we applaud you for your courage.
Keep in mind that what you say to a Peer Advocate is confidential and will stay between the two of you.  However, they have a Duty to Inform.  This means that if a student tells a Peer Advocate that someone is being hurt, hurting someone else, or hurting him/herself, that Peer Advocate MUST pass that information on to a staff member.
For more information about our Peer Advocates Program, please don’t hesitate to contact any of its Coordinators.
Ms. Martin, Vice Principal (
Ms. Hernandez, Class Instructor (
Ms. Slaton, Class Instructor (
And please…Dream big. Work hard. Stay focused. Surround yourself with good people.
Peer Advocates