Attendance Secretary: Ludibina Duenas
(510) 618-4380 ext. 3663

Bancroft Middle School Attendance Policy
Students are expected to be in school every day. Regular attendance is directly related to school success. School begins everyday at 8:20AM. School is dismissed every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and 3:00PM and at 2:00PM every Wednesday and Thursday. If your student is tardy, please send a note with them in the morning.

In case of illness or injury that prevents your student from attending school, a parent or guardian should send a note with their student or call the 24-hour attendance answering machine at 510-618-4380 ext 3663.

Please provide the students first and last name, your first and last name, the reason for the absence and the date of the absence.
CHANGE: If a student is absent for a doctor’s appointment, the absence can only be excused with a doctor’s note.

All absences MUST be cleared within 24 hours or they become a ‘CUT.’ At the end of each attendance month, all attendance becomes permanent and CANNOT be changed.
Permit to Leave School
When your student needs to be excused for a dentist/ doctor appointment or any other reason, he/she should bring a note from their parent/guardian to the office before school in the morning. The student will be given a Permit to Leave to show his/her teacher. Students must come to the office to sign out at the scheduled time before leaving the campus and return to the office to sign in upon their return.

It is very difficult to ensure that students will be waiting in the office or outside if a note is not sent with the student to school.

Parents: Please arrange with your students where they are to meet you after they sign out in the office.