Our mission is to create an inclusive, nurturing and academically rigorous learning environment for our entire community that empowers students to become critical thinkers, advocates for social justice and responsible, compassionate, self-aware contributing members of our world.


As the students, staff, parents and community members of Washington School, we are committed to

  • Providing the tools necessary to make informed decisions about college and career paths.
  • Forging strong, positive connections so students can achieve  academically and socio-emotionally to become confident, independent contributors to our world.
  • Supporting and empowering students so they will become confident to meet current and future challenges. 
  • Honoring and cherishing multilingualism and our roles as advocates for cultural and linguistic equity.
  • Embracing our role as advocates and agents of change – speaking openly about equity in all areas: cultural, linguistic, racial, and identity.
  • Challenging each other academically by providing a rigorous and differentiated program including the arts and sciences while honoring our diverse learning styles.
  • Uniting as a family to support our Washington community with love, care and respect, as we honor one another as valuable contributors to the growth of our students. 
  • Striving to exemplify the ideals of social justice embedded in our daily teaching practices.
  • Practicing a student-centered approach valuing collaboration, assessment, and equity within our diverse community to ensure all students meet or exceed grade level standards. 

In addition to honoring our mission and vision the Dual Language Immersion Program will strive to attain these three goals, known as The Pillars of Dual Language Education:

  1. Bilingualism/biliteracy
  2. High academic achievement in both program languages
  3. Sociocultural competence