Excusable Absences

  • Excusable Absences (please refer to your District Handbook for complete list)

    As per your parent handbook distributed by our District office these are the acceptable excuses for an absence.

    1. Illness of student
    2. Health quarantine
    3. Medical appointment or services of student
    4. Attending a funeral of an immediate family member (3 days for out of state otherwise only one day)
    5. Justifiable personal reasons such as: court appearance, observation of religious holiday or ceremony, religious instruction (Ed. Code Section 46010-46014). The student shall be excused for no more than four school days per month, attending a religious retreat for not more than four days during semester.

    If your child has excessive absences/tardies excused or unexcused, they could be determined truant as per district policy. This will result in a warning letter, followed by a request for meeting with principal if excessive absences/tardies continue.