• Classroom Volunteers

    Studies have shown that children of parents/guardians who are involved in their school do better academically than children of nonparticipating parents.  Involvement can be asking about school, reading with your child, attending school events, supervising homework at home or volunteering directly at the school.

    Regular classroom volunteers are key in providing additional student support.  Volunteers can help in a number of ways depending on the teacher’s need and talents and interests of these parents. They may be involved directly assisting students by tutoring or managing a learning center, driving for field trips, sharing hobbies that relate to the curriculum. 

    Classroom Teachers will communicate the Parent Volunteer Policy with parents by Back to School Night.

    All volunteers must check in as a visitor at the office to receive a visitor’s pass.  Volunteers who come into the classroom on a regular basis are required to complete a “Volunteer Packet”, to be cleared via an automated records check, to have a TB test taken within 60 days before, or 7 days after, the volunteer service begins. If driving for a field trip, proof of insurance is also required in compliance with district policy. If you have a question about the level of your car insurance as it relates to district policy and field trips, please check in the main office. Once fully cleared, the procedure does not need to be redone each year unless an updated TB test is required.

    Room Parent/Room Volunteer

    This parent is the link between the teacher and the parents of this teacher’s students. S/he may organize room parties, call for field trip drivers or solicit parents for other special activities. Ideally every class needs at least one Room Parent.