Absences & Tardies

  • Absences

    It is important that your child attends school each day. Absences are a hardship on both student and teacher. If your child is to be excused from school for a medical or dental appointment, please send a note to the teacher stating the time to be excused. If your child is absent for an entire day, a note must be brought in with your child when they return to school. The student must be excused within 48 hours of absence. Please state the length and reason for the absence. In the case of illness, please be specific. You may call the attendance line at (510) 618-4360. If your child has caught a communicable disease, please phone in to the school so that we may be alerted for signs of illness in other children.


    It is important that your child arrives to school each day on time. When a child enters his/her classroom five to ten minutes late he/she not only misses out on valuable instruction, but also interrupts the other students and the teacher.

    Children who are habitually tardy will be referred to the Child Welfare and Attendance Office of the San Leandro School District. The school must have written notes on any tardy explaining the reason. Students who are tardy should go directly to their classroom first and will be directed to the school office only if the attendance has already been turned in. Here is some very specific information to help our attendance run as smooth as possible. 

    1. A student will be marked T for tardy if he/she is late less than 30 minutes unexcused.
    2. A student will be marked L for very late if he/she is late 30 minutes or more unexcused.
    3. A student will be marked R if a student is late or picked up early excused.
    4. A student will be marked E if a student is picked up early unexcused.

    If your child has excessive absences/tardies excused or unexcused, they could be determined truant as per district policy. This will result in a warning letter, followed by a request for meeting with principal if excessive absences/tardies continue.

    Medical Appointments

    If a student is absent, comes late or leaves early for a Medical appointment you must bring a medical note or proof of the appointment in order for this to be excused. The student must be excused within 48 hours of medical appointment for either a tardy, very late or early pick up.