• Students use the permanent student ID number (lunch number) to checkout books.
    • Students may check out a total of 3 library items at a time. 
    • Graphic novels, comic books, and magazines can be checked out 1 at a time. 
    • A regular book checkout is for 14 days. 
    • Graphic novels, comic books, and magazines may be checked out for 7 days. 
    • Students may search for books on the library catalog called Researcher.
    • During lunch, a student ID with Library @ Lunch sticker is needed to enter the library. 
    • No food or drink may be brought into the library. Help keep the critters away! 
    • Students may request a hold for a book that has already been checked out. Hold forms are next to the printing station. 



    • Look at the “call number” on the book’s spine. This the book’s “address.”
    • When you search a book on Researcher, you will learn the call number and you will know where to go to find it. 
    • For fiction books, the call number is usually “F Author’s Last Name.” 
    • For example, all Harry Potter books will have the call number “F Rowling.” This means you can go to the R section.


    • There is no limit for number of checkouts.
    • To schedule a visit to the library, please consult the library calendar and contact Ms. Kang. If possible, please submit requests at least 48 hours in advance.