John Muir

Middle School


835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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A Message from the Administrative Team

Dear Falcon Families, 

We are absolutely thrilled to be working together to support every John Muir student and their family. As we start off this new year we will focus our efforts on the following areas to show immediate positive improvements to our school and community. 

  • JOY! We want every teacher and student to experience joy in their day!
  • Safety: Every student and staff should feel safe and cared for at all times. Every member of the John Muir community will play a part in creating this safe environment.  
  • Enrichment: We will bring extracurricular activities to our school during lunch and after school so students are able explore and experience the world we live in.
  • Support: Academic and emotional support will be systematically provided.
  • Communication: Consistent and clear communication with students, families and staff. Our doors are open and you will SEE us!

There are many other ways that we will be supporting our community, but we would like to begin by being very strategic about the areas we concentrate our focus from the start of the school year. We hope to have many more years as Falcons and continue to build our nest so that these Falcons are ready to fly to high school with a sense of pride, confidence and purpose!

Your Admin Team,

Elisa Alvarez, Principal

Mycel Jacob, Vice Principal

Dylan Charrin, Vice Principal

John Muir Middle