John Muir Middle School

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Principal’s Message

As we move deeper into the second semester I encourage you to continue monitoring your students schoolwork. Please remind your scholar that during instruction, video cameras must be turned on unless your teacher instructs otherwise. Keep in mind that if a students video camera is off, and makes no effort to respond or participate in a lesson, they may be marked absent. If there is a problem with your computer camera, contact your teacher or the front office immediately at 510-618-4400. Daily attendance is essential for your child’s academic success. See our message about attendance below.
Attendance message

John Muir maintains high expectations for all our students, and we expect students to always try their best. Students can accomplish this by being responsible and completing all their assignments and maintaining good attendance.  

Third quarter Progress reports will be available on Aeries on February 9. You can monitor your child grades at anytime through Aeries. If  at any time your child is underperforming or needs support connect with your teachers, counselor, or the administration about how we can work together to support your scholar. The staff and I look forward to this semester and providing your scholar with a exciting and rich educational experience

Distant Learning Tips for Success 

  1. Set up a ‘Learning Space “.or place where students go each day to log into their classes. Your child’s Learning Space should have their learning materials and supplies and be free of  distractions, (phones, video games, other tabs open , etc)  
  2. Remind your child to keep their video camera on unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Do not hesitate to reach out for support. “ Falcons Stand Together “


Vernon L. Walton Jr, Ed.D  Principal