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English Learner Master Plan


Guiding Principles

The California English Learner Roadmap from the California Department of Education aligns four principles that guide our work to ensure access and achievement for English learners. These principles serve as the vision and the foundation for the collective responsibility we share for our English learners. We have adapted and expanded them for use in SLUSD.


Assets-based Education: Schools and educators foster asset-oriented environments grounded in sociocultural competence.

Each student is valued for the cultural and linguistic capital they bring to the classroom. This not only empowers students and families to develop positive attitudes towards their linguistic and cultural identities but also highlights the benefits of embracing the diversity, biliteracy, and multilingualism they add to the community. Teachers acknowledge that every student comes to school with skills and knowledge that contribute to growth opportunities for all learners. This asset-based mindset includes culturally responsive teaching, translanguaging practices, and developing personal efficacy.


Rigorous Academics for All: Students engage in academically rigorous learning that cultivates high achievement and prioritizes bilingualism and biliteracy.

Instruction is intellectually rich, relevant, and standards-based, with ample opportunities for critical thinking and linguistic growth. Teachers promote inquiry through real-world problems and leverage high-level academic vocabulary across the curriculum. Not only do all students have access to rich learning experiences that lead to high levels of English proficiency, but their home language is also recognized, respected, and valued as a vehicle for success.

Systematic Support: Leaders and educators provide systematic, tiered support that includes data-driven assessment for continuous improvement and ongoing capacity building for all teachers and staff.

Every level of the organization provides resources to support strong EL programs and build the capacity of our educators. All staff is provitded with research-based professional development that helps leverage students’ strengths and targets their needs. Leaders are responsive to the community and their needs when making fiscal decisions. There is shared responsibility by all staff for the support, monitoring, and success of English learners.


Alignment and Articulation: Programs are articulated and aligned across students’ entire educational experiences and provide a coherent pathway in preparation for college and career in the 21st century.

English learners are provided access to a full curriculum at all grade levels regardless of their English proficiency. There is a consistent approach to ELD pedagogy, beginning with a strong foundation and continuing through reclassification, graduation, and beyond.