Home of the Hornets


835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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Staff Directory

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Roosevelt ElementaryAlcala, 618-4350 x3202Teacher2 
Roosevelt ElementaryAlvarez, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementaryAnderson, Mikayla 618-4350 x3221Teacher21 
Roosevelt ElementaryBerriman, Laura(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Roosevelt ElementaryCassidy, 618-4350 x3246TeacherFO5 
Roosevelt ElementaryChimienti, Gina(510) 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementaryClaybaugh, 618-4350 x3247TeacherFO6 
Roosevelt ElementaryCoburn, 618-4350 x3261Off Asst 
Roosevelt ElementaryDay, 667-3500 xTeacher2 
Roosevelt ElementaryDela Cruz, 667-3500 xIa 
Roosevelt ElementaryDodd, 618-4350 x3207Teacher07 
Roosevelt ElementaryDungan, 618-4350 x3215Teacher15 
Roosevelt ElementaryEpps, 618-4350 x3224Teacher 
Roosevelt ElementaryFletcher, 618-4350 x3281Lib Mm Spec 
Roosevelt ElementaryGutierrez, 618-4350 x3282Nut Tech 
Roosevelt ElementaryHeinz, 618-4350 x3220Teacher20 
Roosevelt ElementaryJorgensen, 618-4350 x3244TeacherFO4 
Roosevelt ElementaryKumamoto, 618-4350 x3275Elementary Principal 
Roosevelt ElementaryLamm, 618-4350 x3219Teacher19 
Roosevelt ElementaryLarsen, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementaryLucero, 618-4350 x3260Site Administrative Assistant 
Roosevelt ElementaryMagdaleno, Melissa(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Roosevelt ElementaryManookian, 618-4350 x3214Teacher14 
Roosevelt ElementaryMartinez-Ramirez, 667-3500 xHd Cust I 
Roosevelt ElementaryMarzane, 667-3500 xTeacher10 
Roosevelt ElementaryMeyer, Alexandra(510) 667-3500 xIa 
Roosevelt ElementaryMiller, 618-4350 x3211Teacher11 
Roosevelt ElementaryMontes, 667-3500 xCustodian 
Roosevelt ElementaryMould, 618-4350 x3206Teacher6 
Roosevelt ElementaryMoy, 618-4350 x3217Teacher17 
Roosevelt ElementaryNeptune-Salisbury, Kyle(510) 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementaryNguyen, Phuong(510) 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementaryOrdonez, 618-4350 x3290Par Facil 
Roosevelt ElementaryPence-Wallan, 618-4350 x3208Teacher8 
Roosevelt ElementaryPurdy, 618-4350 x3209Teacher9 
Roosevelt ElementaryReed, 618-4350 x3233TeacherFO3 
Roosevelt ElementaryRomero de Martell, Maria Noy(510) 667-3500 xNut Asst 
Roosevelt ElementaryRuiz, Christopher(510) 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Roosevelt ElementarySandine, 618-4350 x3236Speech6A 
Roosevelt ElementaryScales, 618-4350 x3201Rsp1 
Roosevelt ElementarySonnier, 618-4350 x3212Teacher12 
Roosevelt ElementaryTiet, 618-4350 x3222Teacher22 
Roosevelt ElementaryVan Slyke, 618-4350 x3204Teacher4 
Roosevelt ElementaryWeidner, 618-4340 x3125Teacher18 
Roosevelt ElementaryWood, 618-4350 x3223Teacher23 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Roosevelt Elementary