• What is a database?

    A research database is an organized collection of high-quality information. Databases contain newspaper, magazine, journal and book articles, as well as videos, pictures, graphs, and podcasts. Databases are designed to help students find accurate information for projects, writing assignments, or for their own intellectual growth. Database sources are reviewed by editors, making database information more reliable than that provided by a general Internet search (such as on Google). Your school librarian can assist with using any of the databases on this page.

    New databases provided by the California State Library

    If prompted for login information, go here. (Requires log-in as an SLUSD student/staff to view.)

    Britannica School CultureGrams SIRSDiscoverer

    Database Details

    Britannica School: Online Encyclopedia Britannica entries leveled for elementary, middle, and high school students. Also includes Britannica Escolar for Spanish-speaking students, with articles written in authentic Spanish rather than computer-translated text.
    TeachingBooks.net: A suite of instructional resources that enrich the fiction and nonfiction books read by students. Includes book guides and lesson plans, diverse book selections, vocabulary lists, videos and book readings, and other resources.
    ProQuest CultureGrams: Concise cultural information on states in the US and countries around the world. Includes statistical data, cultural information, videos, audio, pictures, and more.
    ProQuest SIRS Discoverer: Selected content for beginning researchers; includes organized information for popular topics.