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Telephone Procedures

Please allow 24 hours for staff to respond to your voice mail message and/or email.
To avoid disruption to classes, calls do not ring directly into classrooms, it is routed directly to voice mail.


  • To access voicemail for ALL teachers, call the main line 510-895-7944, then dial the extensions number listed below.
  • If your call is urgent or about attendance, please call the office.

Madison Staff Directory

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Madison ElementaryAlaniz, Samantha 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryArmprester, 895-7944 x3042Rsp 
Madison ElementaryArroyo-Licea, 895-7944 x3024Sh-Lh24 
Madison ElementaryBaird, 895-7944 x3021Teacher25 
Madison ElementaryBedolla, 667-3500 xHd Cust I 
Madison ElementaryBender, 667-3500 xAdm Asst Sch 
Madison ElementaryBenway, Laurie(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryBriseno, Ruth 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Madison ElementaryBundegaard, 667-3500 xTeacher62 
Madison ElementaryCaldera, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryCamacho, Kimberly(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryCarabajal, Diana(510) 667-3500 xIa 
Madison ElementaryCarter, Lorraine(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryCastro, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryCater, 895-7944 x3004Teacher4Class Website
Madison ElementaryChivers, 895-7944 x3005Teacher5Class Website
Madison ElementaryCid Del Prado, 895-7944 x3013Nut Tech 
Madison ElementaryCooke, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryCorona, 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Madison ElementaryCorson, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryCruz, 895-7944 x3060Sh-Lh 
Madison ElementaryDaniels Iv, 895-7944 x3036Teacher36 
Madison ElementaryDavis, Joyce(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryDecoy, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryDel Toro, Dinah Susan(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryDela Cuesta, 895-7944 x3056Off Asst 
Madison ElementaryDelos Reyes, 667-3500 xTeacher65 
Madison ElementaryDruckenbrod, Sara(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryDuke, Vicki 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryDuran Martinez, Maria(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryEmerson, 895-7944 x3064Teacher64 
Madison ElementaryEspinoza, Trinidad(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryFong, 895-7944 x3059Teacher61 
Madison ElementaryFranco, Vanessa(510) 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Madison ElementaryGaray, 667-3500 xIa 
Madison ElementaryGarcia, D. 895-7944 x3066Teacher66 
Madison ElementaryGarcia, 667-3500 x1117Ia Sh 
Madison ElementaryGarcia-Sainez, 895-7944 x3055Adm Asst Sch 
Madison ElementaryGladwill, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Madison ElementaryGonzalez, Maricela(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryGrewal, 667-3500 x3082Teacher 
Madison ElementaryHerbert, Nyah 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryHibbitt-Walls, Karen(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryHill, Emily(510) 667-3500 xElem Vp 
Madison ElementaryHsu, Yi-Ting(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryLe, Loan(510) 667-3500 xSh-Lh 
Madison ElementaryLedesma Chavez, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryLee, 895-7944 x3023Teacher23 
Madison ElementaryLuer, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryMartin, 667-3500 xSh-Lh22 
Madison ElementaryMartinez, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryMcDonald, Victoria02(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryMendez Yanez, 667-3500 xNut Asst 
Madison ElementaryMo, Yan(510) 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Madison ElementaryMoran, 667-3500 xPar Facil6B 
Madison ElementaryMoreno, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryMusolino, 895-7944 x3059Teacher59 
Madison ElementaryNakanishi, 895-7944 x3031Teacher31 
Madison ElementaryNguyen, 895-7944 x3065Teacher 
Madison ElementaryPadilla, 667-3500 xCust 
Madison ElementaryParsons, 667-3500 xTeacher32 
Madison ElementaryPegram, 895-7944 x3058Teacher58 
Madison ElementaryPurohit, 895-7944 x3035Teacher35 
Madison ElementaryQuock, 895-7944 x3033Teacher34 
Madison ElementaryRamirez, 895-7944 x3010Teacher10Class Website
Madison ElementaryRefrea, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Madison ElementaryRobinson, 895-7944 x3007Sh-Lh 
Madison ElementaryRojas, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryRuby, Devin(510) 667-3500 xSh-Lh 
Madison ElementarySabo, 667-3500 x3081Teacher 
Madison ElementarySarkany, 895-7944 x3032Teacher8 
Madison ElementarySmith, 895-7944 x3054Elementary Principal 
Madison ElementarySolorzano Navarro, 667-3500 xCust 
Madison ElementarySosa, 895-7944 x3003Teacher3Class Website
Madison ElementaryThompson, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryToscano, 895-7944 x3063Teacher63Class Website
Madison ElementaryTung, 895-7944 x3057Lib Mm Spec 
Madison ElementaryValencia, Herminio(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryVan Loon, Mary(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryVares, Elyana(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Madison ElementaryWong, 895-7944 x3025Teacher 
Madison ElementaryWood, 667-3500 xSh-Lh 
Madison ElementaryWoodside, 895-7944 x3008Sh-Lh32 
Madison ElementaryXiao, 667-3500 xTeacher26 
Madison ElementaryXing, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website

Madison Elementary