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835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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Staff Directory

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Jefferson ElementaryAlcala, 618-4310 x2839Teacher39 
Jefferson ElementaryAlcala Enriquez, Carol Oswaldo(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Jefferson ElementaryAnn, 618-4310 x2830Teacher30 
Jefferson ElementaryAragon, John 667-3500 xTeacher 
Jefferson ElementaryBautista, 618-4310 x2824Teacher24 
Jefferson ElementaryBeatty, 618-4310 x2825Teacher25-B 
Jefferson ElementaryBuhler, 667-3500 xRsp 
Jefferson ElementaryCampos Herrera, 667-3500 xIa 
Jefferson ElementaryCarlos de Silin, 618-4310 x2831Sh-Lh31 
Jefferson ElementaryCeja, 667-3500 xHd Cust I 
Jefferson ElementaryCuriel Huerta, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Jefferson ElementaryDos Santos, 618-4310 x2819Teacher19 
Jefferson ElementaryEspinoza Zamarripa, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Jefferson ElementaryFernandez, 618-4310 x2809Par Facil 
Jefferson ElementaryFrazer, 667-3500 xLib Mm Spec 
Jefferson ElementaryGarcia, Lilia(510) 667-3500 xCustodian 
Jefferson ElementaryGomez, 667-3500 xTeacher26-B 
Jefferson ElementaryGomez, 618-4310 x2817Teacher17 
Jefferson ElementaryGregory, 667-3500 xSh-Lh 
Jefferson ElementaryGutierrez, 618-4310 x2860Site Administrative Assistant 
Jefferson ElementaryHaas, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Jefferson ElementaryHodges, 618-4310 x2802Teacher2 
Jefferson ElementaryIbanez Rodriguez, Yely(510) 667-3500 xNut Asst 
Jefferson ElementaryIreland, 618-4310 x2838Teacher38 
Jefferson ElementaryJohnson, 618-4310 x2842Teacher42 
Jefferson ElementaryLara, 667-3500 xCustodian 
Jefferson ElementaryLewis, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Jefferson ElementaryLong, 618-4310 x2829Sdc/Mm29 
Jefferson ElementaryLopez, Francisco(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Jefferson ElementaryMachado-Potestio, 618-4310 x2861Off Asst 
Jefferson ElementaryMancilla, 667-3500 xTeacher18 
Jefferson ElementaryMcJilton, 618-4310 x2876Elem Vp 
Jefferson ElementaryMorgan, 618-4310 x2823Teacher23 
Jefferson ElementaryMota Flores, 667-3500 xNut Tech 
Jefferson ElementaryNaim, 618-4310 x2821Teacher21 
Jefferson ElementaryNavarro-Gutierrez, 618-4310 x2841Teacher41 
Jefferson ElementaryNguyen, 667-3500 xTeacher1 
Jefferson ElementaryOlivares, 667-3500 xTeacher34 
Jefferson ElementaryPark, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Jefferson ElementaryPepares, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Jefferson ElementaryPolifka, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Jefferson ElementaryRefugio, 667-3500 xIa 
Jefferson ElementaryRobertson, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Jefferson ElementaryRuiz, 667-3500 xTeacher43 
Jefferson ElementarySaucedo, 618-4310 x2837Teacher37 
Jefferson ElementarySiedman, 618-4310 x2822Teacher22 
Jefferson ElementarySierra Zamudio, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Jefferson ElementaryStrong, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Jefferson ElementaryTam Webb, 618-4310 x2835Teacher35 
Jefferson ElementaryTorres, 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Jefferson ElementaryTran, 618-4310 x2827Teacher27 
Jefferson ElementaryTronvig, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Jefferson ElementaryTurner, 618-4310 x2820Teacher20 
Jefferson ElementaryValencia, 618-4310 x4313Elementary Principal 
Jefferson ElementaryValvani, 618-4310 x2836Teacher36 
Jefferson ElementaryVelazquez, 667-3500 x2844Teacher44 
Jefferson ElementaryVillasenor, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Jefferson ElementaryWilliams-West, 618-4310 x2832Teacher32 
Jefferson ElementaryWitt, 618-4310 x2816Teacher16 
Jefferson ElementaryWoo, 618-4310 x2807Speech 
Jefferson ElementaryZaky, 667-3500 xRsp 
Jefferson ElementaryZaragoza Villanueva, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Jefferson Elementary