• The safety of our children is a primary responsibility shared by parents and the school. Children are instructed not to accept things from a stranger or get into a stranger’s car. Children riding bicycles or scooters should be especially cautioned regarding hazards. Students must wear bike helmets. The following rules should be reviewed with all bicycle riders:

    • Bicycles/scooters must be in a safe operating condition (brakes, steering, etc.).
    • Bicycles/scooters must be locked and properly placed in the racks.
    • Bicycles/scooters may not be ridden on the school grounds or on the sidewalks in front of the school during school hours.
    • Bicycles/scooters are not to be loaned or borrowed during the school day.

    Please remind your child to cross streets only at corners or in crosswalks.  Running between parked or idling cars is extremely dangerous.

    When picking up your child and parking across the street from school, please walk with your child to ensure his/her safety. Please do not call for them to run across the street to a waiting vehicle without being escorted. Please be courteous and use safety precautions when picking up your child. When you are in a hurry, please be especially cautious. Also, double parking is NOT permitted and creates a dangerous situation for drivers and students traveling to and from school.