• National Day of Silence, a day that honors those who have been silenced or mistreated due to their difference. All Washington students will mark this day with a grade level appropriate classroom discussion and the opportunity to participate in a silent lunch period. Our fourth and fifth grade students began a tradition by honoring this day with a silent walk to meet the fourth and fifth grade classes from Roosevelt. As a group, we, then, walk to either Roosevelt or Washington and hold a program at the front of the school. Each year we alternate which school we hold the presentation at.  During the presentation, they will sing a song and reflect on some statistics and famous quotes about those who have been persecuted for their differences.

    We know that often people (including our children) feel silenced because of differences or perceived differences. As part of our ongoing School Board approved Safe Schools curriculum, we want to encourage children to get to know each other and build stronger relationships. We know this will help students develop a better understanding of the other person and as a result, students treat each other with greater respect and empathy.