Home of the Eagles


835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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Staff Directory

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Mckinley ElementaryAcevedo Salazar, Emilia 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Mckinley ElementaryBall, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Mckinley ElementaryBautista, 618-4320 x2906Teacher6 
Mckinley ElementaryBeninsig, 618-4320 x2922Teacher22 
Mckinley ElementaryBrown, 667-3500 x1133Para Educator 
Mckinley ElementaryCampbell, 618-4320 x2975Elementary Principal8 
Mckinley ElementaryContreras, 618-4320 x2980Lib Mm Spec 
Mckinley ElementaryCulp, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Mckinley ElementaryDiamante Gomez, Lea 618-4320 x2905Teacher5 
Mckinley ElementaryFierro, 618-4320 x2909Teacher9 
Mckinley ElementaryFischer, 618-4320 x2902Rsp2A 
Mckinley ElementaryFrank, 618-4320 x2908Teacher8 
Mckinley ElementaryGrant, 618-4320 x2919Teacher19 
Mckinley ElementaryHarris, 667-3500 xCustodian 
Mckinley ElementaryJacob, 618-4320 x2901Teacher1 
Mckinley ElementaryJoffroy, 618-4320 x2995Teacher3A 
Mckinley ElementaryKim, 618-4320 x2907Teacher7 
Mckinley ElementaryKlinedinst, 618-4320 x2923Teacher23 
Mckinley ElementaryKristof-Jackson, 618-4320 x2960Site Administrative Assistant 
Mckinley ElementaryLancaster, 618-4320 x2981Nutrition Technician 
Mckinley ElementaryLoconte, 618-4320 x2933Teacher3B 
Mckinley ElementaryLuna, 618-4320 x2961Office Assistant 
Mckinley ElementaryMagallon, 667-3500 xHd Cust I 
Mckinley ElementaryMak, Ho 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Mckinley ElementaryMantilla, 618-4320 x2917Teacher17 
Mckinley ElementaryMartinez, 618-4320 x2938Parent Facilitator 
Mckinley ElementaryO Boyle, 618-4320 x2906Teacher6 
Mckinley ElementaryPeterson, 618-4320 x2911Teacher11 
Mckinley ElementaryResendez, Angelos 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Mckinley ElementaryRomano, 618-4320 x2921Teacher21 
Mckinley ElementaryScovill, Lisa(510) 667-3500 xIa Elem 
Mckinley ElementarySpencer, 618-4320 x2915Teacher15 
Mckinley ElementaryThompson, 618-4320 x2904Teacher4 
Mckinley ElementaryTruong, 618-4320 x2924Teacher24 
Mckinley ElementaryUllrich, Mari 618-4320 x2910Teacher10 
Mckinley ElementaryWarter, 667-3500 xRSP 
Mckinley ElementaryWeldegiorgis, 618-4320 x2925Teacher25 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
McKinley Elementary