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835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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Staff Directory

To access voicemail for ALL teachers and staff, call the main line 510-618-4300, then dial the extensions number listed below.

For Attendance, please call the main line 510-618-4300, and dial extension 2785.

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Garfield ElementaryArteaga, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryBarriga-Mendoza, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryBowden, 667-3500 xIATK-5 
Garfield ElementaryCalderon, Lorraine(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryChen, Chiao Ling(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Garfield ElementaryClark, 618-4300 x2701Grade K1 
Garfield ElementaryCollins, Francesca(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryConners, 618-4300 x2781Cafeteria 
Garfield ElementaryCorrea, Shannon(510) 667-3500 xAdm Asst Sch 
Garfield ElementaryDaniels, 618-4300 x2761Off Asst 
Garfield ElementaryDuenas, 667-3500 xTeacher20 
Garfield ElementaryDuenas, Jeremy(510) 667-3500 xCust 
Garfield ElementaryDuncan, 667-3500 xNoon Supervisor Intermediate Yard 
Garfield ElementaryEscalante, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryFernandez, 618-4300 x2703Grade K3 
Garfield ElementaryFerrer, 667-3500 xTeacher5 
Garfield ElementaryFord, 618-4300 x2708Grade 28 
Garfield ElementaryGarcia, Judith(510) 667-3500 xSdc/Mm 
Garfield ElementaryHaggins-Bassett, 667-3500 xSh-Lh23 
Garfield ElementaryHall, Clare(510) 667-3500 xIa Lib 
Garfield ElementaryHoang, 618-4300 x2780Library/Media Tech 
Garfield ElementaryHornada, 667-3500 xElementary Principal14 
Garfield ElementaryHoward, Anna(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryHunter-Maes, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryKramer, Lorraine(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryLara, 667-3500 xCust 
Garfield ElementaryLitman, 618-4300 x2718Sdc/Mm18 
Garfield ElementaryLu Ramirez, Lisa 618-4300 x2715Grade 415 
Garfield ElementaryLynds, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryMahmoud, Tahani(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Garfield ElementaryMalki-Koch, Anna(510) 667-3500 xElementary Principal 
Garfield ElementaryMartin, 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Garfield ElementaryMaxwell, Denise Elizabeth(510) 667-3500 xPlaygrnd Sup 
Garfield ElementaryMcNally, 618-4300 x2720Grade 320 
Garfield ElementaryMejia-Sarate, 618-4300 x2717Grade 417 
Garfield ElementaryMichael, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryMingo, 667-3500 xRsp 
Garfield ElementaryMorgan, Sherrill(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryNuno, Jan(510) 667-3500 xElementary Principal 
Garfield ElementaryO’Connor-Ramirez, 618-4300 x2707Grade 17 
Garfield ElementaryOsenga-McCockran, 618-4300 x2712Grade TK12 
Garfield ElementaryOshea-Romero, 618-4300 x2722Teacher22 
Garfield ElementaryPatrick, 618-4300 x2702Grade PreK SDC2 
Garfield ElementaryPlayer, Gisela(510) 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryRamirez, 618-4300 x2791Head Custodian 6am-2pm 
Garfield ElementaryRamirez, 618-4300 x2704Sh-Lh 
Garfield ElementaryRivera, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryRobles, 667-3500 xIa Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryRosas-Alonzo, 618-4300 x2760Parent Facilitator 
Garfield ElementarySanchez, Jessica(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
Garfield ElementaryShinoda, 667-3500 xTeacher5 
Garfield ElementarySigner, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementarySmith, 618-4300 x2714RSP14 
Garfield ElementarySproul, 618-4300 x2778Speech 
Garfield ElementarySteele, 618-4300 x2711Grade K-2 SDC11 
Garfield ElementaryWannenwetsch, Anna(510) 667-3500 xTeacher 
Garfield ElementaryWidgren, 667-3500 xRSP IA25 
Garfield ElementaryZuluaga-Adkisson, 895-7944 x3056Ia Rsplh 
Garfield ElementaryZuno, Janelle(510) 667-3500 xIa Sh 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Garfield Elementary