James Monroe


Home of the Eagles


835 E. 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-667-3500
Fax: 510-667-6234

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Staff Directory

School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Monroe ElementaryAllen, 618-4340 x3118Teacher18 
Monroe ElementaryAlonzo, 618-4340 x3160Site Administrative Assistant 
Monroe ElementaryAlvarez, 667-3500 xIa 
Monroe ElementaryArcala, 667-3500 x 
Monroe ElementaryBabb, 618-4340 x3120Teacher20 
Monroe ElementaryBarnoya Kestler de Castane, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Monroe ElementaryBender, 618-4340 x3112Teacher12 
Monroe ElementaryBrodeur, 618-4340 x3117Rsp24 
Monroe ElementaryBueno, 618-4340 x3113Teacher13 
Monroe ElementaryDe La Torre, 667-3500 xRSP 
Monroe ElementaryDiehl, 618-4340 x3109Teacher9 
Monroe ElementaryFarley, 618-4340 x3105Teacher5 
Monroe ElementaryFrazier, 667-3500 xTeacher 
Monroe ElementaryGamble, Lula(510) 667-3500 xSdc/Mm 
Monroe ElementaryHaas, 667-3500 x 
Monroe ElementaryHudson, 667-3500 xNut Asst 
Monroe ElementaryHwang, 618-4340 x3101Teacher1 
Monroe ElementaryJauregui, 618-4340 x3190Parent Facilitator 
Monroe ElementaryKillingsworth, 618-4340 x3123Sdc/Mm23 
Monroe ElementaryLau, 618-4340 x3119Teacher19 
Monroe ElementaryLew, 618-4340 x3114Teacher14 
Monroe ElementaryLiu, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Monroe ElementaryMah, 618-4340 x3115Sdc/Mm15 
Monroe ElementaryMarasigan, 618-4340 x3121Teacher21 
Monroe ElementaryMc Neil, 618-4340 x3175Elementary Principal 
Monroe ElementaryMedrano, 667-3500 xRSP 
Monroe ElementaryMejia, 667-3500 x 
Monroe ElementaryMena, 618-4340 x3191Hd Cust I 
Monroe ElementaryMeyer, 618-4340 x3103Teacher3 
Monroe ElementaryMok, Wing 667-3500 xIa 
Monroe ElementaryNakamura, 618-4340 x3106Teacher6 
Monroe ElementaryNasher, 667-3500 xRSP 
Monroe ElementaryOcampo, 618-4340 x3180Lib Mm Spec 
Monroe ElementaryOrozco Alvarado, 667-3500 xTeacher8 
Monroe ElementaryPadilla, 667-3500 xCustodian 
Monroe ElementaryPark, 667-3500 xRSP 
Monroe ElementaryRebero, 667-3500 xRSP 
Monroe ElementarySalvatore, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Monroe ElementarySanders, 667-3500 xSdc/Mm7 
Monroe ElementarySmith Springer, Jesse 667-3500 xSdc/Mm22 
Monroe ElementarySolis, 618-4340 x3161Office Assistant 
Monroe ElementaryTemple, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Monroe ElementaryTomas, Ana 667-3500 x 
Monroe ElementaryTurpin, 667-3500 xPlayground Supervisor 
Monroe ElementaryWhittington, 618-4340 x3195Speech 
Monroe ElementaryWolridge, Brittany 667-3500 xNutrition Technician 
Monroe ElementaryYee, 618-4340 x3116Teacher16 
School Name Email Extension Title Room Website
Monroe Elementary