Welcome to Wilson’s Physical Education Departments Home Page

    The PE department would like to inform you about a few important things:
    Student Clothes/Shoes Guidelines
    *Please remind your children to wear proper shoes to School on PE days.  If you are not sure when your child has PE please ask your classroom teacher.  Students are required to wear proper foot wear to PE.  Their safety is very important to us and makes their PE experience a lot more fun.  Please NO sandals, boots, high heels, slip-ons or Uggs.
    Clothing should be loose and comfortable ~ play clothes are best.  (If your child needs to wear something nice that day, please pack play clothes for them to change into and out of for PE).
    * RAINY DAYS: Students still have PE inside the multipurpose room.  If they are going to wear Rain Boots please have them bring their tennis/running shoes with them to change into for PE.
    **Water Bottles are encouraged, however if they play with them or throw them around they will be confiscated and given back at the end of class.