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Parent Facilitators

Our Parent Facilitators serve as liaisons between the families and schools, provide translation, establish welcoming parent centers, and lead parent engagement activities that include workshops, universities, college and career guidance, etc. with site administrators at every school. The assistance and support they provide to our schools help to deepen our collective capacity to partner with families in support of student success.

School SiteParent FacilitatorSchool site contact number
WilsonAngelica Franco618-4370 ext 3494
JeffersonGloria Fernandez618-4310 ext 2809
WashingtonMaria Ochoa618-4360 ext 3333
McKinleyJazmin Marquez618-4320 ext 2938
BancroftJoanna Garcia618-4380 ext 3612
MuirJasmin Vega618-4400 ext 3703
GarfieldNorma Rosas Alonzo618-4300 ext 2794
MonroeRebecca Jauregui618-4340 ext 3170
MadisonChristina Topete895-7944 ext 3077
RooseveltLaura Ordonez510-618-4350 ext 3290